Server Housing Hosting in France

Enjoy quality hosting for your servers with our Server Housing offer in France

  • Quality infrastructure with redundant power supply

  • Reliable high-speed internet access

  • 24/7 monitoring and security

  • Physical access control with video surveillance system

Housing Hosting

High-quality infrastructure for hosting your servers

Enjoy a performant and secure infrastructure to host your servers with confidence

Reliable power supply

Reliable power supply

We have a redundant power supply for your peace of mind, with a generator equipped with an ATS automatic start system, UPS units, and automatic start in case of a power outage. We test the generator every month to ensure maximum availability.

Quality Internet connectivity

Quality Internet connectivity

We use redundant fiber optic links from multiple different access providers to ensure reliable and redundant high-speed Internet connectivity, with speeds up to 10 Gbps. You can be sure that your servers will be connected to the Internet quickly and reliably.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

We protect your servers from online attacks with our sophisticated Anti-DDoS protection system, which has a capacity of over 5Tbps. Our security technicians monitor the infrastructure's security 24/7 to quickly identify and fix potential vulnerabilities.

Optimal cooling

Optimal cooling

We maintain an optimal temperature in our data center thanks to a powerful double split air conditioner, which provides efficient cooling while minimizing energy consumption. You can be sure that your servers will remain at a stable and optimal temperature for optimal operation.

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The benefits of Housing hosting for your servers

The benefits of Housing hosting for your servers

Housing hosting is a smart choice for businesses that want to benefit from high-quality infrastructure to host their servers outside of their premises.

By opting for our Housing hosting solution, you can significantly save on infrastructure costs by avoiding the need to invest in your own data center, which can be very expensive. Additionally, you can benefit from our technical expertise without having to train and hire your own technical staff.

We understand that Internet connectivity is crucial for the proper functioning of your servers. That's why we use redundant fiber optic links from multiple different internet service providers to ensure reliable and redundant high-speed internet connectivity, with a speed of up to 10 Gbps. You can be sure that your servers will be connected to the Internet quickly and reliably, without interruption.

The security of your servers is our top priority. We have implemented physical and electronic security measures to protect your servers against potential risks, including 24/7 surveillance, physical access control, video surveillance system, and our sophisticated Anti-DDoS system with a capacity of more than 5Tbps. You can rest assured that your servers are hosted in a secure environment.

Our experienced technicians are available to help you resolve any technical issues you may encounter with your servers. We are able to handle everything from daily maintenance to solving the most complex problems. You can be sure that your servers are in good hands.

With our Housing hosting solution, you can be sure that your servers will be hosted in high-quality, secure, and reliable infrastructure, while making significant savings and benefiting from our technical expertise. Contact us now to learn more about our Housing hosting services.

Our housing hosting plans

Discover our solution for hosting your server in housing.

Storage units Bandwidth Network port DDoS protection Watts Included IPv4 Price
1 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 2 Tbps+ 250 w 1

90 €month
50 €of installation costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Server housing hosting consists of renting space in a data center to install your own server. The client is responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining their own equipment, while the data center provides the infrastructure, connectivity, and power supply.

The benefits of server hosting in housing include full control over equipment, complete customization, superior performance, enhanced security, and reduced costs compared to a private data center.

Server hosting in housing is a colocation solution that allows clients to rent physical space to install their own server, while cloud hosting is a solution where the provider hosts the client's data on their own servers and provides access via the internet.

You can access your server in housing in various ways, such as through a VPN connection, remote management console, or server management software. We can also help you set up access based on your specific needs.

You can monitor the performance of your server in housing using server monitoring software, such as tools to monitor CPU, memory, hard drive, and network usage.