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Our Points of Presence

In order to provide the fastest and smoothest traffic possible, we have a presence throughout the French mainland as well as abroad.

Our In-House Protection Infrastructure

Advanced Defense Against DDoS Attacks

Our filtering server

CubixServ benefits from its own Anti-DDoS protection, integrated into our network (AS213382). To ensure optimal protection, we use high-end filtering hardware, including Ryzen 9 7950X processors, Mellanox or Netronome network cards, and DDR5 RAM memory.

Thanks to our in-house capacity and the use of technologies such as DPDK/XDP, we are able to efficiently filter attacks by implementing filters specifically designed for gaming and other applications.

Strategic Partnerships with Network Transit Providers

Effective Mitigation through Trusted Partners

Our server at GSL

We have established a strong partnership with GSL (Global Secure Layer), a reputable DDoS mitigation provider. Through this partnership, we have access to a total mitigation capacity of over 2 Tbps upstream from our internal infrastructure. GSL handles attacks that exceed our 200 Gbps capacity with their Corero filtering appliances.

GSL's objective is to limit the attack so that it does not saturate our internal 200 Gbps mitigation capacity. Then, we take over with our specialized filters to fully mitigate the attack. Our team works closely with GSL for efficient coordination and a rapid response to attacks.

This strategic partnership with GSL allows us to focus on our expertise in attack filtering. By combining our internal capabilities with GSL's mitigation power, we are prepared to handle large-scale attacks and maintain the availability of our services. Our goal is to provide top-notch network protection for a secure and uninterrupted hosting experience.