SSD VPS Hosting

Choose a solution that adjusts to your needs with our virtual private servers.

  • An scalable and customized solution
  • Unlimited bandwidth up to 500 MB/s
  • DDoS protection included
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Customizable VPS SSD rentals

A comprehensive VPS SSD offer to meet all your needs

Very high availability

We guarantee a minimum uptime of 99.9% so that your server is always accessible.

24/7 technical support

Always listening, our experts will accompany you in the success of your projects.

DDoS protection

Filtering of denial-of-service attacks up to 5 Tbps to preserve your legitimate traffic.


Your needs change? Scale up your offer based on your needs.

Our SSD Virtual Private Server offers

Processor RAM Storage Connection Price
2 vCpu 4Go DDR3-ECC 20Go SSD 1 Gbps

3.99 €/month 3.79 €/month 3.59 €/month 3.19 €/month Promo 5% Promo 10% Promo 20%

2 vCpu 8Go DDR3-ECC 30Go SSD 1 Gbps

5.99 €/month 5.69 €/month 5.39 €/month 4.79 €/month Promo 5% Promo 10% Promo 20%

4 vCpu 16Go DDR3-ECC 40Go SSD 1 Gbps

8.99 €/month 8.54 €/month 8.09 €/month 7.19 €/month Promo 5% Promo 10% Promo 20%

6 vCpu 32Go DDR3-ECC 50Go SSD 1 Gbps

12.99 €/month 12.34 €/month 11.69 €/month 10.39 €/month Promo 5% Promo 10% Promo 20%

8 vCpu 64Go DDR3-ECC 70Go SSD 1 Gbps

19.99 €/month 18.99 €/month 17.99 €/month 15.99 €/month Promo 5% Promo 10% Promo 20%

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Protection and Security

DDoS Protection

You benefit from DDoS protection that can mitigate up to 5 Tbps!


Storing your data on redundant disks provides protection against hardware failures.


Your server benefits from antivirus protection to protect you from web threats.


Take advantage of automatic backups of your data at predefined times.

Rocket Launch

High Performance

High Availability

We guarantee 99.9% uptime so your server is always accessible.

High Speed

Enjoy a connection of up to 500 MB/s without data limits.

SSD Technology

SSD drives guarantee unparalleled read/write performance.

French Datacenter

You are thus closer to your users to reduce latency times.

Computer configuration

Your server

Dedicated environment

The resources of your offer are entirely allocated to you.

Choice of Operating System

Choose from several OS for your server.

Easy administration

Administer your server with the Plesk management interface.

CSM deployment

Install the CSM of your choice with just one click from your management panel.

Need help?

Whether you're a professional looking for a hosting solution for a revolutionary product or a tech-savvy individual, our technical experts will answer your questions and accompany you in the realization of your project.

A VPS SSD (Virtual Private Server with Solid State Drive) is a virtual private server that uses an SSD for data storage. It provides better performance and faster data access compared to a server using a traditional hard drive (HDD).

A VPS SSD is a virtual private server that shares the hardware resources of a physical server, while a dedicated server is an entire physical server dedicated to a single person or company. VPS SSDs have more affordable costs than dedicated servers, but dedicated servers can offer greater processing power and more control over the environment.

We offer a variety of operating systems for our VPS SSDs, including Debian 8/9/10, Ubuntu 18.04/19.04/20.04, and Centos 7/8. We are also working to add other popular operating systems to meet our customers' needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the full list of operating systems we offer.

The management and maintenance of our VPS SSDs is done through an easy-to-use administration interface. This interface allows our customers to manage their virtual private server, restart their server, configure security settings, install applications, and manage software updates. Our technical support team is also available to help our customers resolve any management or maintenance issues they may encounter.

Yes, our VPS SSDs are scalable. We offer a range of hosting plans to meet our customers' needs. Our customers can easily change plans with just one click via their client area. This allows customers to start with a basic server configuration and upgrade their plans based on their computing resource needs. If in doubt or with questions, our technical support team is always available to help customers choose the most appropriate plan for their needs.

Yes, we offer a 99.9% infrastructure and network availability guarantee. This means that our infrastructure and network will be available 99.9% of the time. If availability is lower than this rate, we offer service credits or refunds. We have implemented security and monitoring measures to ensure maximum availability for our customers. Our technical support teams are also available 24/7 to assist our customers in case of availability issues.

Yes, we are equipped to deal with DDoS attacks and have security measures in place to protect our customers against these attacks. We have intrusion detection and prevention systems that allow us to block DDoS attacks. In the event of a DDoS attack, we work quickly to identify the source of the attack and block it while minimizing the impact on our customers' services. We also have a dedicated security team that monitors our infrastructure continuously to detect and prevent attacks.

Yes, you can install programs using Docker on our VPS SSD.

Yes, our VPS SSD can be used for game servers. However, the capacity of your server will depend on several factors such as the number of players, the type of game, and the amount of RAM and processor you have allocated. We recommend choosing a VPS SSD plan with sufficient resources to support your game server. If you have any questions or doubts about choosing the most suitable VPS SSD plan for your game server, our technical support team is here to help.

Yes, you can host a website on your VPS SSD. In fact, VPS SSDs are designed for web hosting, and you can install software such as Apache or Nginx to host your website.